U2 humour!

Here you will find sections on the each of the guys! Coming soon are in depth studies on:

Larry smiles!

June 30, 2000

Sources have informed us that Larry Mullen, Jnr., drummer in the rock band U2 has been smiling. As you can see from the photo, our top notch investigative reporting team recently caught Mr. Mullen engaging in this otherwise rare facial expression. U2's PR spokesperson at Principle Management Dublin confirmed Mullen's apparent 'smileage,' however, Mullen and his bandmates could not be reached for further comment on the matter.

By Boadicea von Smutt, co-Editor

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Feuding between rhythm section

July 21, 2000

Adam sits in Larry's chair.

After viewing several of the webcam pictures, the greatest minds of our generation have come to one conclusion. The blue chair, by the pillar, that's LARRY'S chair! Just yesterday, Adam decided to sit in Larry's chair. This, the bassist later admits, was a mistake. Adam claims that Larry sat quietly next to him for about 5 minutes. During this time, Adam was calmly chatting with lead singer, Bono, and was unaware that Larry was staring at him. The bassist then noticed plumes of smoke rising from the drummer's ears. Adam says he then decided to "check on Edge" and quickly left the room. Shortly thereafter, Larry was observed sitting happily in HIS chair, and all was well.

By Mandi, co-Editor

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